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Bow Nobama’s Love of Islam

Symbol of Sikhism, white and golden version.

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Keeping the peace with the 57 islamic states of islam: obama will visit mosque but…

 Posted by PatriotUSA :

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In another bow, as low as one can get to islam and muslims, obama the mullah in the White House, the first muslim potus will visit a jihaidst terrorist recruitment site on his upcoming visit to Indonesia.
Think the Sikhs are pleased with this move? Not even close! The White House is claiming the mullah in the White House does not have time to pay equal respects to a Sikh temple or holy site. Not enough time? What a poor and pathetic excuse. Like people are going to buy this?
He might as well try telling the truth but no, obama must resort to falling back on his arrogance and ignorance. Once again, he is proving what a liar he is. He is 100% muslim and 100% an islamist of the worst type. From Politico.com.

Oil lamps lit and put in place by devotees glow in the foreground at the Golden Temple, a Sikh holy shrine in Amritsar, India.
Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

Sikhs say President Obama bent to ‘fears’

American Sikhs aren’t buying the White House’s explanation that President Barack Obama is skipping a Sikh holy site in India during his upcoming Asia trip because he doesn’t have time.

The New York Times reported last week that Obama will not visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar because he would be required to cover his head when he entered it, and pictures of him could perpetuate the false belief that he is a Muslim.

On Wednesday, the White House confirmed Obama wouldn’t be going. Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, told reporters simply that India is a “big country” and that “we can never do as many events as we’d like to do.”

That didn’t go over too well with Sikhs, who have since the Sept. 11 attacks fought the perception in the United States that they are Muslims.

“I’m not really buying it,” Sapreet Kaur, the executive director of the Sikh Coalition, said in a statement. “I think the administration has been struggling with the false accusation that the president is Muslim.

 It is not out of the realm of possibility that these fears drove the cancellation. The administration is going to have to figure out how to make this up to the Sikh American community and the Sikh community worldwide.”

“If somebody doesn’t want to come, then they should not come for the right reasons and not hide behind these sort of excuses,” said Jasjit Singh, the associate executive director of the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund. “He’s playing the game, and that’s what’s unfortunate.”

The possibility that Obama would visit the temple gave hope to American Sikhs that they would be recognized in a significant way for the first time in nearly a decade — if only for a day.

“It would have been a huge moment, a seminal moment, for President Obama to come there and kind of show to the world that this is a vibrant religious minority here,” said Hansdeep Singh, an attorney for United Sikhs. “It is disappointing.”

An official familiar with the visit said the discussion about Obama’s itinerary started six months ago, but that changes can be made for any number of reasons.

Obama will visit India after the midterm elections for three full days of events, including a town hall with students, a visit to Gandhi’s tomb, an address to parliament and a dinner with Manmohan Singh, the first Sikh to be India’s prime minister.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to the Golden Temple when they visited India. Jasjit Singh noted that Harper simply wore a handkerchief on his head to meet the religious requirement.

“It’s a significant place, and I think that this is really him not really upholding his campaign promise, which was to rise above this dialogue of fear, which is dividing the country effectively,” Singh said of Obama. “By canceling his visit, what does he do? He’s emboldening those who are seeking to divide us.”

While Sikhs say they’re “more than disappointed” Obama’s avoiding the temple, there are other holy places he could visit in Pakistan next year, including the site where the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, was born.

Or he could still visit other Gurdwaras – the Sikh temples – in New Delhi that are “in line” with his schedule, Kaur said. Even a brief visit, she said, would mean something to Sikhs who had looked forward to him bringing their religion to the forefront.

Hansdeep Singh said the United Sikhs would “continue to push” Obama to visit Sikh shrines in the United States and abroad. “We want to have a continuing dialogue with the White House,” he said.

After I have posted this article on My Blog one of my reader sent me following coments which i have copied and pasted as it was written for readers to think and judge on the subject.     Sam Hindu

2010/10/31 at 12:39 am  From ;  Jill Mola

As a European origin Christian I am amazed how Hindus rarely ever stick up for the Sikhs. My Great grandfather has Black and White pictures of WWI &WWII Sikh regements with Turbaned Sikhs marching like true Aryan Supermen to free France and get the free world freedom from the Germans.

To this day Europe has hughe Sections of War Hero Sikhs who fell to a Brave Brave Brave Martyrdoom so Forein peoples of Europe can be a Free People.

No I was taught by his son My Grandfather that in India 99% of the Indians hanged for ploting Indian Independence from the British Raj were all Sikhs even though Sikhs are less then 9% of India’s population. So I was horrified when Indera Ghandhi masacred all the Sikh and other Pilgramgs on a holy day and almost no Hindu came to defend the Sikh Holy Site Harmandar Sahib and the Pilgrims.

No good deed goes unpunished!

And now if we put the past is past , even then you Hindus do know if Indian media and hindus were to make a big uproar then Obama will be ordered to go to Golden Temple by Democratic Party on Sonia Ghandi’s orders.

My Father also a former Brithish general said for sure India’s Sikh Prime Minister is not a real Singh as Singh is a Lion and Indias PM Manmohan Singh is a Mouse, and a Mouse can never be a Sikh!!!

So General Dad feels in his bones a tingle that says Government of India has a bigger part in Obama not going to the Golden temple then was made known by media.

Dad said that Jallian Walla bagh is the site of the Well shown in the Movie ‘Ghandi” into which thousands of Sikh families jumped into to avoid geting masacred by the British but died anyway from drowning – the crime as alwasys was the Sikhs were holding a Quitt India rally to get Brits to quitt India and go home. A Indian maybe a Muslim or Hindu squeeled on the Sikhs fighting for Indias freedooom.

well recently Queen of UK wanted to go to Golden Temple and Site of Massacre of sikhs by British, well Snia Ghandi and Manmohan Singh begged the Queen no to go. The Queen said UK and Royal family owes it to the Sikhs for her to pay her respects and appologise for the INJUSTICE.

So my BRAVE QUEEN like a Sikh ignorred the India Gov and went, she was in awe of the heaven on Earth Golden Temple experience.

So Shame on OBAMA da Mouse like PM Manmohan Singh da Mouse.

You know unless the Hindus team up with the Sikhs and Christians against the Muslims all India will be gone – as Muslims all have a litter of 10 babies each and soo will out number the Hindus.

Indera Ghandi wanted to and did force sterilize Hindu Women and Sikhs defended the Hindu Women, so then Indera Ghandh became enimey of the Sikhs, Hindus forgot that and renamed Airport to indera Ghandi Airporrt!

Why Hindus pay taxes to send Muslims to Haj (terror training )

Why Hindus not pay Sikhs to go to Pakistan Pilgramage of GuRu Nanak’s Temple?

BIGGER Why – Hindus then pay more Taxes to go to Muslim majority kashmire to Pilgramage to hindu Temples – Humm – Is India not a Hindu nation?

And are Sikhs not your Holy Brothers.

Sikhs have always had a Spiritual connection with the downtrodden, but when the downtrodden rose to power they forget the blood that payed for thier freedom!

new generation of Hindus is letting Muslims take over India.

Muslims hate Hindus because it is word of Mohamad wrritten in Koran, yet Hindus vote for Sonia ghandi lover of Muslims.

GOD NEWS, Muslims hate Christians, jews, Buddists , Zorastrans, Sindi’s, Hindus, Sikhs, Dowists, athiest and everybody not-Muslim.

So what DARK POWER allows world to be blind to Islam?

UK, France USA all will be lost to the Trojan Horse Muslims who legally enter a Nation, once inside they go on WELFARE and at Government expense give birth to litter of babies and in a few generation will out number whites and Democratically Vote in Shariah law and islamic Government and then No MORE VOTES ALLOWED EVER AGAIN!

The Dark Shrowd of Islam will descend on all World (you all though burka was for Women only)

speaking the truth lables one a racist, when Islam is the Racist, In India if Hindu Gujraties reclaim a Hindu Temple that Muslims stuck a Mosqu ontop, Secular Hindus call those Hindus terrorists!

And Jews in Isreal are da same, the Jewish Temple Mount was destroyed by Muslims and a Mosque rebuilt on top, and the Jews to this date do not dare restore the Original Temple.

Original article is here.

Hat tip: Creeping Sharia


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