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Bow Obamacare: Muslims Don’t Have To Pay For Obama care

So some are more equal than others under obamacare: muslims

Posted by PatriotUSA at 1:07 AM Labels:

Read this and get angry, very angry. Islam is not a religion but our government does not care and has recognized this perverted, stone age, persecution filled political ideology as a religion. So now all who follow islam are exempt from obamacare but still will reap the benefits of the what obamacare allows. Completely and totally disgusting.

Muslims exempt from paying for Obama care
By Larry Hart

From Examiner.com: Obama’s Orwellian healthcare bill passed by congress a few months back requires that all Americans must pay for health insurance or they will be fined a monthly amount that will almost match the forced healthcare payment.

Well, not all Americans are subject to this new bill. Certain religious groups are exempt, the Amish, Scientologists, Christian Scientists and Muslims.

The Amish “believe it is their church’s responsibility to care for the material needs of the members, not the government or insurance companies. When members of the Amish community have need of a doctor or a hospital, they get financial help from their church and neighbors and pay in cash for the services.”

That sounds noble enough for me. I wish everyone took that kind of private communal responsibility.

Scientologists, and Christian scientists lobbied to keep themselves exempt and they won it, probably because their new age philosophies fit in with the Left wing atheist/pagan mandate that is currently running the U.S. government.

Those that adhere to Islam, the only major religion included in the exemption, won’t have to pay health insurance but will still be entitled to benefits because Islam has “a tradition of barring conventional insurance products because they ‘involve an element of uncertainty, gambling and the charging of interest, which is prohibited by the Koran.’”

Of course, if you are white and Christian, Jewish, or if just make too much money for the Obamists, then you are going to be the ones who will pay the Muslim bill for healthcare.

All Americans are equal just some are more equal than others

Original article is here.


One Response

  1. Really sad and disgusting. If they do not have to be forced
    to pay for this crap like the rest of us AMERICANS, which
    most muslims do not consider themselves to be. They
    should be exempt and get nothing, no health coverage
    under obamacare. Let them go to the local mosque for


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