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The Claim of Moslim Scholars (and the truth )


Islamic scholars lie to Muslims and non-Muslims alike by describing

Muhammad as the most noble man to set foot on earth. They claim that

Muhammad was the perfect role model for all time; a model of Truthfulness

and Trustworthiness. And all Muslims and non-Muslims believe these lies.

Many nominal Christians are converting to Islam thinking that Muhammad

was a great and holy man. All these lies should be exposed and brought to

light. Christians and Muslims should get to know the real Muhammad of

Islam as described in the Islamic Sunnah.

Muslims are commanded in the Quran to take Muhammad as their model,

and therefore Muhammad is considered the perfect and divinely endorsed

role model. Since the words and deeds of Muhammad are only found in the

Sunnah, it is important that the Muslims read the Sunnah. But most Muslims

hardly read the Sunnah. They believe whatever has been told to them by

their Imam.

And on my Blog KING-slave of ALLAH !
islam.greatreligion786@gmail.com  started abusive  language and using  profanity instead using rational arguments and showing my mistakes or my false claims in articles.


Instead showing my mistakes this is what SOA wrote.

ook.i understood your level of thinking man.,

you are sick , with no knowledge about Islam…!

What jerk u r ….


On my article Why I write and Expose Islam & It’s Lies…Part 1

Do u even understands the meaning of great!

this same is noone but a lier…speaking the words of shamoun and Ali sina bastard!


i don;t want to talk about ur religious view…but as u r saying this much about islam…..

lets see in ur religion….

How pandav had sex with dropoadi ….?

group sex or single single…! ?

remember this…

When looking for faults use mirror not telescope…!

On my article   Muslim Women’s Joy Of Slavery…

Every thing is lie…!

nothing written in this is true!

open your eyes!

When you want to learn about physics go to physics teacher,
not biology teacher…

same way,learn Islam from muslims…not sick mental person sam!

What a dumb sam is…

He is finding Hindi Word meaning in English dic….

ha ha ha ha ha ha a

great understanding!

On my Article Character of Mad Muhammad & Biased God

He wrote

total lie…!

nothing is true..!



On my article Scientific Errors In Islam

World peace

Dear writer

I would like to share with you the following links about Islam for better understanding.

Discover the truth about Islam

Scientists’ Comments on the verses of the Quran

Islam’s Forgotten/Erased Contributions to science

Islam Religion

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

Thank you

Instead of showing my Mistakes or Lies this is how Moslims argue rational and intelligent debate

Arguments from Moslims speaks volume about propaganda and brain washing done since child hood.

The reason Muslims blindly believe what has been told to them is because

they have never read the Sunnah, the writings on the deeds of Muhammad,

the self-proclaimed Islamic prophet. The Truth about Muhammad is told in

the Sunnah. The Problem with Muslims is that they are totally incapable of

thinking for themselves. No Muslims will ever challenge the Quran or

question the integrity of Muhammad. And there lies the cause of all problems

in Islam.

Take the vital question of Muhammad and his best-selling book, the Quran.

Ask Muslims what is the proof of Muhammad’s prophet hood? Without

battling an eye lid they will say, the Quran. Then ask them, what is the proof

of the divinity of the Quran? The Muslims will reply God’s final and most

important prophet, Muhammad. Did you get the catch in the replies? The

proof of the Quran is Muhammad and the proof of Muhammad is the Quran.

And it was Muhammad who gave the Quran. This is circular reasoning and

leads to nowhere. You can I can come with a book which says the same

thing. It only goes to prove that Muhammad and his Quran are fake and not

of any divine origin. But Muslims who are habitually brainwashed with Islam

will not find any problem with such reasoning.

The fact is for hundreds of years Islam remained hidden from the civilized

world. Though many Non-Muslims came in contact with the Quran and other

Islamic scriptures, none took the trouble of exploring Islam to find its true

nature. Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims accepted whatever fables

were spread by the Muslims about Islam and Muhammad. But this has

started changing in the last 25 years. More and more non-Muslims have

started digging into the Islamic scriptures to find the truth about Muhammad,

Islam and Allah.

And the truth has been devastating to Muslims and of much concern to the

non-Muslims. Muhammad has not been a blessing to Mankind as Islamic

preachers preach but the biggest curse that can ever befall mankind. A brief

reading of the Islamic scriptures will make this amply clear.

Muhammad was driven by only three things – A deep greed for wealth, a

desire to be known as a prophet by hook or by crook and lust for woman.

Each and every deed of his was ultimately to satisfy these three

Mohammedan desires. We will explore each one of his deeds as given in the

Islamic Sunnah to find out the true nature of this man, whom Muslims claim

to be blessing for the entire human race.

However there are many Muslims who have read the Sunnah and are aware

of Muhammad’s misdeeds. These Muslims deny the Sunnah entirely. They

call themselves the Quran only Muslims. The Sunnah depicts Muhammad

as a bandit, a pirate and a rapist. No wonder these knowledgeable Muslims

deny the Sunnah. But unfortunately for them as you will see in the next

section The Islamic Scriptures, the Sunnah is the heart of Islam; the Sunnah

gives meaning to the otherwise useless Quran. Without the Sunnah, Islam

has no meaning.

Ask any Muslims what was Muhammad’s profession? They will tell you that

he was a trader. Well that is true. Muhammad was a trader before he

married Khadija his first wife. What about after marriage?

In his childhood, Muhammad briefly worked as a shepherd and made a few

business trips on behalf of his ‘soon to be wife’ Khadija. After his marriage he

stopped working and roamed aimlessly around the city of Mecca. The Sunnah

narrates that he even visited some caves. In one of these caves he

encountered the spirit that revealed the Quran to him. After the death of his

wife, when Muhammad ran out of Khadija’s wealth, he took to looting,

kidnapping and slave trading and when he moved to Medina, he became a

professional mobster.

Muhammad’s eternal profession was looting innocent caravans and

settlements, killing the man, raping the captured woman for 2-3 days, and

then selling the captured woman and children in the slave markets for

money. Yes, Muhammad was a professional bandit and a slave trader. And

his business was blessed by none other than Allah who legalized the captured

wealth and woman (called booty in the Quran) for the enjoyment of Muslims.

It is all very well detailed in the Sahih (Authentic) Sunnah collections of Al-

Bukhari, Al-Tabari, Ibn Ishaq and Imam Muslim. Read it. If you are a Muslim

reading this material, then you should have a double reason for reading the

Sunnah. Because where you and your descendents will spend eternity will

depend on this.

Muslims would also tell you that Muhammad had an undying love for Khadija

and this helped him to refuse to marry any other woman until her death.

The truth is Muhammad married Khadija not for love but because of her

money. Khadija who was very wealthy married Muhammad because

Muhammad was a handsome man in his youth. So on both sides the reason

for marriage was the gratification of the flesh. Muhammad lived on his wife’s

money and during her lifetime would not dare to marry any other woman

fearing the wrath of his wife.

Some Muslims even argue that Muhammad was an advocate of women’s

rights. This is laughable. We will come to his feminist qualities later on, but it

enough for you to know that Muhammad was the killer of woman rights.

During his lifetime he ravished several women captured during the raids and

degraded woman to the worst extent possible. The very Quran which

Muhammad revealed to the world describes woman as “fields ready to be

ploughed by man whom man should plough whenever they can” (Quran

2:223). We will discuss in detail later on what Muhammad thought of woman.

Many Muslim Scholars who are aware of Muhammad’s raids defend all of

Muhammad’s actions by claiming that they were necessary to promote Islam.

They try to believe (and attempt to make others believe) that it was

necessary for Muhammad to fight with disbeliever, precisely those unclean

polytheists in order to establish Islam. These battles are projected as wars of

self-defence. And most Muslims and some non-muslims too fall for this trick.

That is why I am saying examine the evidence for yourself. Read the

Sunnah. The Sunnah collections of Bukhari and the History of Islam by Tabari

are available in most government libraries as bound volumes. Read them

there if you do not own a copy of them personally.

Consider the Muslim excuse that Muhammad’s raids were necessary to

promote Islam. Can this be considered as a valid excuse for raiding a

settlement? Consider you are going on a vacation with your family. In a dark

alley, a bunch of hoodlums stop your car. They kill you and your son; steal

you car and belongings and rape your wife and sell her to a brothel. The chief

of the hoodlums who is 60 years old has developed a liking for you teenage

daughter. He rapes her and then marries her in true hoodlum’s ceremony.

Years later this group has developed into a huge mafia sort of gang. And

followers of this mafia group defend all the atrocities they did earlier by

saying that they were required for the formation of the mafia group. Will you

buy this argument? And yet this is the very thing that Muhammad and his

henchman did. Every time they raided a caravan/settlement they killed the

able-bodied man, raped the woman (Sometimes Muhammad liked a teenage

woman and kept her as his wife after raping her) and then sold the woman

into slavery. It is all very nicely given in the Islamic Sunnah.

Coming to the main topic, the Muhammadans raids/fights were not aimed to

abolish polytheism and establish Islam as Muslims scholars teach. The raids

committed by Muhammad had one simple purpose – robbing? Let’s read one

of the hadiths to find the truth.

Narraeted Yahya: “Aisha said: A man from the polytheists accompanied the

Prophet to fight with him. He said Go back. We do not want any help from a

polytheist.” (2276, Sunan Abu Dawud)


Strange! Do you see the problem? Muhammad supposedly fought with

polytheists, yet one of those polytheists wanted to accompany the prophet.

Though Muhammad refused to take the guy with him, why should a

polytheist dare to ask? Obviously, Muhammed’s adventures had nothing to

do with preaching Islam or subduing polytheists, but making money from the

raid. That’s why the polytheist wanted to join Muhammad and make some

easy money.

Most Muslims claim and believe a myth – ‘Muhammed only fought defensive

wars; he never harmed anyone unless he was attacked.’ Surprisingly, the

hadiths, Quran and Sirat Rasul Allah repeatedly prove otherwise. Here are a

few examples from Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasullah, out of many incidents.


Waddan, which is the raid of al-Abwa…” (page 281).

“THE RAID ON BUWAT: …Then the apostle went raiding in the month of

Rabiul-Awwal making for Quraish…” (285).


stayed only a few nights, less than ten, in Medina when he came back from

raiding Al-‘Ushayra….(286)

“THE RAID ON B.SULAYMAN IN AL-KUDR: The apostle stayed only seven

nights in Medina before he himself made a raid against B.Sulayman…” (360).

“THE RAID OF DHU AMARR: When the apostle returned from the raid of al-

Sawiq he stayed in Medina for the rest of Dhu’l-Hijja, or nearly all of it. The

he raided Najd…..” (362).

For those of you Muslims what is a raid, it is an armed robbery. Its soul

intention is to loot people. Muhammad was a master at that craft.

It is also important to know that Muhammad did not go out and fight with the

unbelievers; rather, his companions did most of the ugly work. However,

Muhammad had a responsibility to make sure that looted wealth was equally

distributed. He merely charged one-fifth of the looted goods, known as

Khumas, for his service, which of course was a sizable amount for his living.

Obviously, handy-dandy Allah was very helpful in legalizing the robbing

business. Mohammed, in fact, made his Allah involved in it, and had him

declare in the Quran,

“And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war, lo! a fifth thereof is for

Allah, and for the messenger…” (Quran 8:41).

“That which Allah giveth as spoil unto His messenger from the people of the

townships, it is for Allah and His messenger…” (Quran 59:7).


Is it not amazing how Allah asked for his share of booty? How the heck a

god, supposedly an all merciful god, would do with the booty is the question.

It’s not only the Quran, but several Ahadith also confirm how Muhammed

took it upon himself to distribute the looted wealth.

“Abd Allah b. Amr said: When the Apostle of Allahs (May peace be upon him)

gained a booty he ordered Billal to make a public announcement. He made a

public announcement, and when the people brought their booty, he would

take a fifth and divide it…..”(2706, Sunan Abu Dawud).

Muhammed, as Muslims argue, fought defensive wars, meaning he only

combated to save his precious life. Yet he earned booty without a fight.

Apparently, enemies of Muhammed attacked him maliciously, but brought

their wealth with them, and delivered it to Muhammed upon defeat. They

even rewarded Muhammed with their own wives and children to become

slaves, while Muhammed was busy saving his life. Such belief, though, seem

absurd to any sane person. Muslims and the non-Muslims who are itching to

sacrifice themselves as dhimnies desperately cling to this kind of fallacy.

Let’s look at one of his defensive wars. At the end of Muhammed’s life, he

invaded Khyber where the Jewish tribe B. al-Nadr lived, and Kinana b. al-

Rabi was the custodian of all the treasures that the tribe had. When inquired

by the prophet of Islam, being a responsible person, he refused to disclose

the whereabouts of the treasure. Ibn Ishaq reports in Sirat Rasul Allah,

“When he asked him about the rest he refused to produce it, so the apostle

gave orders to al-Zubayr b. al-Awwam, ‘Torture him until you extract what

he has,’ so he kindled a fire with flint and steel on his chest until he was

nearly dead…” (Ishaq 515) .

Tabari, another famous historian, describes the same event with more


“…the Messenger of God gave orders concerning him to al-Zubayr b. al-

Awwam, saying, ‘Torture him until you root out what he has.’ Al-Zubayr kept

twirling his fire stick in his breast until Kinanah almost expired…” (Tabari


Oddly, the prophet of Islam knew when the world would fall apart, and he

had the ability to split the moon, yet he did not know where the treasure was

hidden. Besides his inability, he did not hesitate to order torturing an

innocent person. So much for defensive war!

In this series on Muhammad, we will discuss each and every unique deed

that Muhammad did. We will see how Muhammad was not a prophet but the

most evil man who ever lived. But before that we need to know about the

Islamic scriptures considered authentic and holy by Muslims. In evaluating

Muhammad, we will consider only these authentic scriptures held sacred by


Without a firm knowledge of the Islamic scriptures you would not

be able to understand much about Islam and their beliefs.

I rest my case for readers.

Sam Hindu


2 Responses

  1. you dnt know abt quraan n talking like a mad dog..u dnt point a single verse or word wrong from quraaan,,ALLAHA HU AKBAR,but today science dnt prooved ur vedas logic but THEY PROOVED QURAAN WORDSscience dnt prooved that sun is moving and earth is stable,and earth is not round,,even kiden garden kid also know better,,u are very foolish ,,n let u know one thing,every GOD of ur hinduism come for their own family its illogical bcz GOD never had a family ,and they wil not fight with humanbeings,if he fight with humanbeings how he can b god he is also a normal humanbeing qallas,so go n revise ur vedas like bible hahahahahahahha,BUT QURAAN FOR WHOLE HUMANITY NOT FOR SINGLE COUNTRY .ALLAHA HU AKBAR


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