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Those Who are Supporting A Mosque Near Ground Zero May Learn a Lesson FROM Ayodhya.


After debating 60 years, the Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court ruled that the disputed land surrounding Babri mosque will be divided in three ways. Muslims will get one-third of the land and two other Hindu groups will have the other two.

The site is extremely sacred for the Hindus. They believe it was the birthplace of the Hindu god Ram and there was a massive temple before the mosque was built. Archaeological evidences clearly show that there was indeed a temple.

In the 16th century, the first Mughal emperor of India erected a mosque after demolishing the temple.

Those who are supporting a mosque near Ground Zero may learn a lesson from this event. Muslims are famous for hijacking other religions’ holy places.

Mohammed, the CULT  LEADER of Islam converted Kaba in Mecca from a worshiping place for the Quraish tribe to Muslims’ sacred place.

There was no mosque or any sign of Islam in Jerusalem when Mohammed delivered Islam. ISLAM AND ITS PROPAGANDA LIES THAT Mohammed stopped at Jerusalem when he was flying on a horse like creature NAMED BARAC to meet the god of Islam. At a later time, Omar, a Caliphate of Muslims built a small mosque in Jerusalem which was rebuilt at the time of Saladin’s rule.

Babri mosque was no exception. However, devout Hindus wanted to claim their sacred place and in 1949, they brought statues of Hindu deities in the middle of the night and started worshiping there. The government stepped in and the high court ordered to lock the mosque, prohibiting both Muslims and Hindus from worshiping.

In 1986,  Only Hindus were allowed  access TO THE TEMPLE AND DISPUTED  Mosque.

In 1992, amid the tension between Hindu and Muslims, a huge crowd of Hindus gathered and demolished the mosque. The incident sparked riot between Hindus and Muslims, and at least 3,000 people were killed.

An investigation took place and several law suits were filed. Finally, after 18 years, India has a verdict.

The three judges of the panel which comprised one Muslim and two Hindu judges acknowledged that the disputed place is sacred to Hindus. They further considered the beliefs of Hindus that it was the birthplace of Hindu deity Ram. The verdict also mentioned the Archaeological evidences of having a massive temple where Emperor Babar built the mosque.

The Hindu religious bodies and some Muslim leaders welcomed the verdict. However,  the Sunni Wakf Board, the Muslim group who earned one-third right is dissatisfied with the judgment and will move to Supreme Court.

Not surprisingly, Hamid Saeed Kazmi, the Minister for Religious Affairs in Pakistan criticized the judgment and asked the Indian Muslims to file an appeal in the Supreme Court. He said the verdict was, “totally in favor of the Hindu community.” He further claimed Pakistan has always been against any injustice among minority communities, whereas the Indian government is not treating the Muslims fairly.


2 Responses

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  2. Those Indian Muslims who are not satisfied with the decision should catch the first available train to Pakistan. Pakistan’s minister of religious affairs has a red carpet rolled out for them over there. please remember that return tickets are not available.


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