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Here is my list of demands from Moslims:


 Often I think and realise and watch Moslims migrate to foreign land or west for better life and as soon as they are comfortable in new Home land they start thinking like true Moslim and starts demanding small favours and once you accommodate those second one is waiting and then third and then fourth. 

Moslim cabbie wants foot bath installed at Airport, University and would refuse to abide by our Law of land. and wants us to respect their filthy belief system and us Infidel have to give in all the time because we have to respect their belief and that belief wants to eliminate and behade me and subdue my family and that much lectern i cant take in my ass.  ( Excuse my French) But i don’t like to be politically correct and I don’t steal words to make my point.. 

So I thought about this topic whole night and came up with list of my demands Moslims should   fulfill and Muzzie need to know that   no excuses are acceptable by me or my religion or my country from cult members. 

Moslims In Pakistan, women are called awra. or Aurat means Vagina.. (via Sam Hindu’s Blog) so learn what you are making your own family members and free them from shackle of slavery of Islam and fell the air in your air from freedom. And get rid of Dirt Bag from head of your loving Mother and Sister. They are humans too. In 100 Degree have you ever thought what is going on in theat tent and how your wife, sister or Mother feel in dirt bag. Just put a Moslim man in it and they will get answer. 

Here is my list of demands from Moslims:                   

1. They must acknowledge the supremacist element of Islam. Koran, Hadith and Sira, their primary texts, are very clear that non-Muslims are to be humiliated and abused and political superiority of Islam to be established by all believing Muslims. In history, during Muslim rules, either non-Muslims were left alone after ensuring their political debility and incapacity to raise their stature, or there were active atrocities by Muslims against them, such as enslavement, rape and murder. 

 I was just wondering ……Are emotions of Muslims more important than the liveS OF KAFIR.. 

The Muslim approach has been, by and large, to deny all atrocities. All kinds of rationalizations and outright lies are produced to refuse to acknowledge the fundamental difference between Islam and other religions – that other religions carried out atrocities as aberrations from the commands of their religion, whereas Muslims did so as explicit and commanded obligation of their religion. Momins and Kafirs.. 

THIS IS WHAT ALL MUSLIMS RECITE ALL DAY IN THEIR FIVE DAILY SALATS AND FREE TIME Moslims open your eyes and see what cult mentality has done to you and your family for centuries.  Learn what you recite and learn in your own language it will open your eyes. not in some foreign language Mumbo Jumbo… 

 Muslims have spent centuries now with their present approach. Hindus and Christian and Jew should refuse to accept their rationalizations and lies. Hindus , Jew and Christian should demand that they change their approach and start by first accepting mea culpa. That is Hindus first expectation from Muslims. 

 One of its implications will be that Muslims will become more willing to take actions to reverse past wrongs which has the potential to resolve issues such as Ram Janambhoomi. 

2. In India, they must acknowledge Hindu liberalism in not only giving them equal rights, but also making best efforts to treat them the same as any other denomination in India. Presently, their approach is to deny any generosity on the part of the Hindus, as if even after country’s partition along religious lines, it was their prerogative to get all the rights in partitioned India. And now, further demands are being added by them to make them privileged members of Indian society. 

I would like them to remember that after partition, Hindus could easily have taken away the political rights. They could live here safely and work and grow, but there was nothing to stop Hindus from denying them political franchise. Indeed, such an action would have been a logical corollary of the partition. Instead of acknowledging that Hindus did something for them we did not have to necessarily, their words and actions imply that they achieved the political status through their shrewdness. Such an approach creates ill will amongst Hindus, even though we may not always say it. 

3. They should undertake a serious study of how nonMuslims are treated in Muslim majority areas. That is in terms of political rights, safety and security of their person and property, social discrimination etc. Based on the study, they should bring pressure upon the leaders of these societies to ensure equal rights and fair treatment of non-Muslims in these geographies. The actions of Indian Muslims in this regard should be sincere and visible, and not just cosmetic and designed to fool the non -Muslims. 

This will have enormous implications. Indian Muslims will need to act effectively to ensure reversal of ethnic cleansing of Pandit from the Kashmir valley. They will have to ensure that Kashmiri Muslims do not make unreasonable demands such as the reversal of provision of small pieces of land for pilgrimage for Hindus. They will have to bring pressure upon Muslim countries from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia to give equal rights to non-Muslims. One more implication will be, of course, to ask, no not just ask but to bring visible pressure on Saudis to allow all religions to practise and preach their religions in Saudi Arabia ! 

But the most important implication of such an approach will be that every Muslim but the hardened supremacist will be forced to tone down his demand from the Indian state and the society. Once they are fully aware of how the Muslim world treats the non-Muslims, they will have to thank their God that non-Muslims do not reciprocate their behavior. 

4. Their attire, the most visible sign of their identity, is designed not only to mark them out, but also create a sense of separation in them. They should dress and carry themselves in a manner that does not highlight their separateness to the extent it does at present. Muslim Women’s Joy Of Slavery… in Burkha and Hijab. The Bearded And Moslim 

Healthy Minds are turned in to Beast by Lies Of Islam

Superiority complex is a mask to hide one’s inferiority comp


5. They should give more space to non-Muslims’ religious practices and make fair, non-threatening demands for theirs. While carrying out the practices of their religion, they should negotiate with authorities and other religions in a spirit of accommodation and fair play. 

To demand no music from others in Ramadan, to occupy roads and create traffic problems during friday prayers, to insist on azan at unearthly hours on loudspeakers, all these highlight their supremacist mindset and create ill will amongst non-Muslims.  Stop all voice pollution and pray with heart not with loud speaker and disturbing others.. that is not prayer but it is propaganda. 

Know what you are reciting and understand meanings of it. what you are reciting is just propaganda that Mohammad’s sex life  and his rape are legal. 


 While all religions have some such features, other religions negotiate their needs with the authorities without taking threatening position. Muslims must also follow similar policy in regard to their religion. Muslim Belief about Infidel… Understanding Muhammad & 😉 His Women Sex Slaves. 

6. They must forthwith stop cheering Pakistan in cricket matches ! 

Pakistan, you are a failed state 

But we know Muslims will do none of the above but continue making demands on the Indian state and the Indian society. All the above are reasonable demands that a fair minded Muslim (assuming there are some out there), would be willing to concede. But by and large, Muslims won’t do so. Not only nationalist Hindus of the BJP supporting type, but also “secular” Hindus know that the Muslims will not concede any of the above. 

Deep down, all Hindus on the subcontinent, whether nationalist or secular, know Muslims are supremacists and all their behavior, including demands for special privileges like reservations, spring out of the that desire for supremacy. 

 I suppose my list of demands is more directed towards the “secularist” Hindus: You know that the above demands are perfectly reasonable, you know that Muslims still won’t concede them. Therefore, you should know that Muslims don’t make demands because they feel wronged. They do so because they are trying to establish political domination.This is How Moslims Think.. Wake up America. Hindustan.  Wake up, before it is too late !! Hindus Unite Before You Are Eliminated 


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