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Why I write and Expose Islam & It’s Lies…Part 1

SOME TIMES BY;  SAM HINDU                              




I was born in remote village in Western  India near the sacred city Ambaji, in a poor non practicing brahmin family. There were quite a  few moslims in our village who worked  as tailor, barber and mason, Farmer etc.  But in my very early childhood days I never got chance to meet them or mingle with them.  


 One day I went to a weekly market to buy some vegetables with my younger  brother, then i would have been of 7 or 8 years old. There I noticed some unusual crowd  at the some distance from the main bazaar. My younger  brother, whom I was accompnying, hold my finger .We made our way to the street  and I saw a horrible thing, a strong man was butchering a poor lamb which was reeling under pain, and desperately trying to free itself from the grip of butcher.   

 ‘Let’s go, said my brother, I thought it would be  a snake charmer, but this was a butcher ?  what he was doing?  Asked my brother who was clearly looking upset, I  unwillingly replied ‘he is a Kasai ( butcher) and it is his profession’. ‘He was whispering some mambo jumbo ! why and what he was mumbling  and Horrible smell from meat and Bones and Blood made both of us feel like we were walking or standing near  Toilet.   

   I bewildered and  laughed, at Butcher that what a fool he was praying to his God, they call their God Allah’ . Why? again I whispered. ‘He is a Moslim and they call their God Allah’ Now keep quite I said  and my  annoyed brother pulled me to go Home.    

At second incident we all kids were playing Top and Gilli Danda and Marble in compound of school and confiding wall of school had some Moslim living or window of  Hall and some ugly-looking man with beard and no mustache wearing just a LUNGI was praying. ( I came to know NAMAZ ) after some time.    

The way he was Banging his head on earth made me  fable grafted and dumb found what the heck he was doing and made us kids laugh at stupid rituals and raising his ass.   

This was my first introduction to a muslim’s cruelty  and barbaric behaviour, those horrible images are still fresh in my mind. At the age of 8, I came to near by Big city  with my parents in search of some better life, here I met people from all walks  of life, there were some muslim friends also. There is a sizeable population of Moslims.    

 I invariably visited homes of my classmates whose parents or grand parents migrated to my city  during partition of India. and met my Best friend whose parents migrated from Pakistan after partition.    

They used to tell us horrible stories, that how women had been raped, children burnt alive men were cut into pieces. Large population was forced to convert to Islam at the pain of death. There are thousands of such muslims in Pakistan who are muslims against their wish, situation in Bangladesh and Kashmir is no different.   

 The present phase of Islamic jihad in India started in 1965, when India faught war with PAKISTAN IN BANGLADESH. In Kashmir. and when  Muhammad’s SO CALLED hair which was preserved in a shrine in Kashmir was stolen, NOW HOW THE HECK THAT HAIR CAME TO KASHMIR IS ANOTHER PROPAGANDA OF MUSLIMS AND IS ANOTHER SUBJECT TO WRITE.    

And some opportunists fueled it further by alleging Indian government of misconduct in electro process. Trained mullahs from pakistan, incited the hatred among locals, warning had been issued against Kashmiri pandits to immediately leave Kashmir, leaving behind their women and belongings. Pundits in Kashmir literally hunted down by the jihadists, their homes vandalised, women were raped, children and men were brutally murdered.   

 America and Britain were smiling on the Indian helplessness, little realising that this menace, will one day reach to their lands.
 In 1992 India got another setback, some ultra nationalists demolished the burned mosque at Ayodhya. This mosque was built by general Mir Banqi by razing the Ram temple in the 15th century. In Mumbai muslims vandalized several shops and killed several Hindus in retaliation, Hindus also counter attacked this madness continued over a month.Obviously muslims were at receiving end this time and  revenge of Hindu and  the rioting  Mumbai underworld took place, which is muslim dominated, carried out at large-scale bombings at Mumbai with the help of pakistan’s ISI.

With these  events rioting were became common. Again in 2003 a coach of a train was burnt by muslim fanatics, killing 59 pilgrims including children and women, the whole conspiracy was hatched in pakistan, and the culprits are still in pakistan under the safe patronage of ISI.   

 As was anticipated large rioting broke out in Gujarat claiming more than 2000 lives mostly muslims. To revenge the rioting student islamic movement of India along with Indian mujahideen in collaboration of Lashkar-e- taiba carried out a large-scale bombings over period of two or three years. While all these things happening around, I was busy at my studies, never bothered that why all these things happening.
In the last two decades India witnessed so much unnecessary bloodshed, because of Islamic Jihad and there is no hope of respite in the near future. It is not only Hindustan ( Bharat )  India which is feeling heat but Islamic Shit holes  countries like pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Ethopia, Uzbekistan, Krygistan etc. are hostage to Islamic Ideology, and people are killing each other absolutely for nothing. 

 In november 2008 after Mumbai carnage, i was compelled to come out of my comfort zone, I was more than willing to help my country to come out of this difficult phase. I was considering  ‘all’ the options available to me. But fortunately one day in 1999  I landed on the faith freedom international, after reading extensively I got new perspective about this problem, I learnt first time that it  is not the muslims but the devil ideology Islam is the real culprit. I would like to thank Dr Ali Sina  for correcting my way of thinking, today I find myself in better position to fight this curse ‘Islam’.   

I was the first few who started reading Dr. Ali Sina’s view when he started his web site and I read every word he wrote about Islam and His own Experience as Child and student in Pakistan and then Western world and his understanding of Cult called Islam and Moslim made my mind clear.   

Going back in to memory lane when I migrated to western world back in 1986 to England and during my student years there All the Muslims wanted to come to Europe leaving behind pathetic life and life style and wanted to make better future for their and theirs loved one.    

But once they started getting some sizeable population what I saw was hat instead of better life they were all thinking like real Moslims and wanted to make that beautiful country a shit hole like their mother land.. and that is when I started thinking and questioning motives and    ideology and started questioning and were trying to understand their mentality and inspiration behind zeal.   

  Continue…  2   



4 Responses

  1. U DONT WRITE IDIOT….You just copy statements of Hypocrites and Liers…!


    Millions of hindus are not india…and Im Indian….,so keep ur bloody theory in ur pocket!


  2. […] On my article Why I write and Expose Islam & It’s Lies…Part 1 2010/10/09 at 8:39 pm | In reply to PatriotUSA. […]


  3. Sam keep up the good work. Islam must be exposed for what it is. thanks for carrying the flag.


  4. Sam Hindu: Great article and I will be sharing it soon. I thought
    you might be interested in helping out Shoaib Choundhury who does the Weekly Blitz newspaper. Here is the link to post on PC:


    He does some really excellent posts on islam.


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