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Sadhvi Ritambharaji

BY : Gaurang Vaishnav

You might have come to know by now that the venue of the Bhagvat Saptah by Sadhvi Ritambharaji has been changed to Sheraton Hotel, 1 International Blvd., Mahwah, NJ 07495. 
I would like to bring to your attention reasons behind this sudden change. 

Muslims have made a big hue and cry about Ritamabharaji’s visit to USA.  They have spread total lies and have been on a campaign of misinformation and innuendos, as is their want.  Pseudo secular media, sustained by the dollars of gullible Hindus have added fuel to the fire.
Ritambharaji is a highly revered saint who has rejected offers of the position of Mahamadleshwar because she wants to continue to focus on providing a complete family unit to orphan children and abused and abandoned women through her Vatsalyagram project.  Currently there are 750 children and women in one Vatslyagram in
Vrindavan and many more are planned in 22 states. 
So why has the venue been changed? A Mandir in North
Jersey had agreed to host the Saptah long time back.  It is a sad story that the management of the Mandir got cold feet because of the lies of the Muslims and the secular media and told the organizers that they could not host Ritambharaji because she incites violence!  True, Ritambharaji is a proponent of Hindutva and was active in Ram Janmabhoomi Mukti yagna. While the trustees and executives of this Mandir could be blissfully ignorant, millions of millions of Hindus consider it a pride to support Ram Janmabhoomi movement.  One has to only remember that Hindus are asking to rebuild a Mandir which existed for ages; our pseudo-secular friends consider those who stand up for it like Sadhvi Ritambharaji a sin; yet many of them have no compunction in standing up for a proposed mosque near Ground Zero!
What an abject surrender to modern Asuras by so called trustees of
Hindu Dharma!  A born sinner, Valiya dacoit can write Ramayana and become saint but a Sadhvi who has given everything she has, one who is revered by millions of Hindus worldwide cannot narrate Shree Krishna Katha in a Hindu Mandir because its trustees and executives care more about anti-Hindu propaganda of enemies of Hindu Dharma.
Remember, Mandirs are not anyone’s personal property, no matter how big a donation he might have given.  Mandirs are the property of all Hindus and they have a right to punish those who treat Mandirs as a playground for their own ego and personal politics.  Is it not a crying shame that a Hindu religious discourse has to be held in a hotel when a Hindu Mandir stands empty in its vicinity?
It is up to all of you, mo matter where you live to expose such anti-Hindu stance of these spineless people and force them to resign in disgrace.
If Hindus do not stand up now to their own internal enemies, then they would never be able to defeat outside forces that are bent upon subjugating Hindus. 
Such an insult to a highly respected saint is an insult to all of us, let us not sit quietly.  Let us set an example so that trustees and executives of all Hindu Mandirs across the USA will take a note and will not repeat the same mistake in a moment of weakness..
Let us give a fitting reply to these “keepers” of
religion by completely filling the lecture hall every day at the Sheraton Hotel, no matter how inconvenient it night be for us to get there.  The organizers have taken a big risk and leap of faith in securing the new venue at a high price because they did not want to let down Ritambharaji and her devotees.  Now it is up to all of you to show them that you are with them. (See the attached flyer for details).
I have not named the Mandir or its executives.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me; I will compile them and send it to those Mandir executives. 
I ask that you speak up at this gross injustice and forward this email to all your contacts, wherever they may be.
I have purposely sent this email as an individual.  I hold a senior position in a Hindu organization but what I have said here are my own views and I hold them dearly.  They do not necessarily reflect position of the organization.
Thank you.
Brotherly yours,


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