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 Burning the Quran is not new in Islam and to Moslims.

Their 3rd Caliph and the son-in-law of Muhammad,  Othman, had burned the 6 out of 7 versions of the Quran, while compiling the version that exist today. After that Muhammad’s child-wife Aisha and his another son-in-law Ali jointly conspired and murdered him for political reasons, a… legacy which they inherited from Muhammad. And they justified his murder for burning the Quran.

 If you are not bold enough to stand against the evil of Islam, please don’t act cowardly to discourage Dr. Terry Jones.

His burning the Quran is only a small symbolic act, but it may carry great significance through creating awareness and …curiosity amongst people to find out what is there in this unholy book.

In careful reading and study of the Quran, by both Moslims and non-Muslims, only lies the lasting solution to the raging scourge of Islam.

 Here I like to share with you one out of the numerous sayings of the great terrorist cult leader called Mohammad of Islam.

Sahih Al-Bukhari 7.427:

The Mohammad  said, “By Allah and Allah willing, if I take an oath and later find something else …better than that, then I do what is better and expirate my oath.”

Hundreds of such teachings of Muhammad are scattered everywhere in the Quran and Hadiths. He also taught how to lie, how to kill the helpless, how to discriminate against women, how to topple the governments of his enemies by deception, and how to rape the helpless women etc. How to robe and take others property and theier beautifull woman.

Unless we spare our time on studying these very serious subject, it is not easy to overcome the most dangerous and deceptive cult of Muhammad. It is the time to wakeup and act, or else it will be too late to overcome this beast.

 My request to well-meaning or freethinking Moslims and non-Moslims and the atheists: please don’t compare Islam with any other religions, because it is not a religion at all. It is purely a cunning political system, hidden behind the pious religious ma…sk, intended to conquer the whole world as per the barbaric teachings and methods of Muhammad. No spirituality exists in it, except war and deception and How to wash your ass..
 Pastor Terry Jones is  Burning korans,….big deal…ISLAM  kills and beheads..it cuts noses off women, Throws acid on woman for not covering face,  it gouges out eyes, It cuts hands so people become handicapped permanently, it MURDERS AND MURDERS AND MURDERS – It is better to burn the unholy book then committe astrocities towards humanity.

10 Responses

  1. “We, as Muslims, need to tear a few pages out of the Quran”

    Now, why are voices like this so rare among Muslims in the West?

    “Get Over the Quran Burning,” by Asra Q. Nomani at the Daily Beast, September 8 (thanks to Axel):

    On the plan to burn Qurans this weekend, I say to Muslims: Let’s get over the symbolic insult and deal with the very real issues of literal interpretations of the Quran that are used to sanction domestic violence, terrorism, militancy, and suicide bombings in the name of Islam.
    Gen. David Petraeus has weighed in, saying that the planned burnings by the Rev. Terry Jones’ congregation in Florida will endanger U.S. soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. But I believe that there is something that endangers Americans and American soldiers even more: certain passages that–when read literally–pit Muslims against Americans and the West.

    We, as Muslims, need to tear a few pages out of the Quran.

    I believe the Qurans are being burnt because we, as Muslims, haven’t dealt sincerely and intellectually with very serious issues that certain Quranic passages raise, particularly in the West. These include verses–when literally read–that say that disobedient wives can be beaten “lightly,” that Muslims can’t be friends with the Jews and the Christians, and that it’s OK to kill converts from Islam.

    That would be 4:34, which actually doesn’t say “lightly”; 5:51; and 4:89.

    We, as Muslims, need to tear a few pages out of the Quran–symbolically, at least, by rejecting literal adherence to certain problematic verses….

    “Get Over the Quran Burning,” by Asra Q. Nomani at the Daily Beast, September 8 (thanks to Axel):

    VIA jihad Watch http://www.jihadwatch.org/2010/09/we-as-muslims-need-to-tear-a-few-pages-out-of-the-quran.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook


    • More than a few pages need to go, along with the plan for a caliphate, world control, and trying to out breed everybody. Of course, the UN is going to cut your nuts, and tie your tubes due to conserving world resources, and that is a green plan I salute.





  3. shame on u.
    how dare u use the insulting words about our prophet and religion.
    the all the information given above is totally fake and opposite to islam .
    no religion teachs insult of any religion .
    who are doing this they are near to finish.


    • Have you read the qu’ran lately? Yes, all that evil IS in there. I used to think it wasn’t that way once too.


    • gyanguru195.wordpress.com


  4. Patriot USA,
    Thanks for visiting Blog. You can permanentley link this Blog and i shall do the same for futere references..

    Sam Hindu


  5. Great post and will sharing at my site with a link back to here. Great stuff, and no islam is NOT a religion but cradle to grave ideology to completely control the individual and strip them of any and all freedom and dignity! Especially women!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fuck the Koran

      Liked by 1 person

    • http://www.jihadwatch.org/

      Qur’an burning: what American law is violated?
      Jihad Watch reader Abdul Ameer sent me this email regarding this story, about the $10,000 reward the East Lansing Police Department is offering for information on the recent burning of a Qur’an there:

      Dear Mr. Spencer,
      After reading your posting about the $10,000 reward being offered in the investigation by the EWast Lansing Police Department of a Koran burning, I called the East Lansing Police Department. I spoke with three people and asked each one which American law was being violated. The first person didn’t know and passed me to another officer in the department. The second officer did not know, either, and passed me to a third officer. The third officer did not know either, and then just hung up on me.

      Abdul Ameer

      I don’t support Qur’an-burning. I don’t approve of book-burning in general. I believe that bad ideas should be met with better ideas, not with violent suppression. But the freedom of expression is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Neither the Qur’an nor any other book is protected from burning under American law. So why the huge reward from the East Lansing PD? And why is no one there prepared to answer any questions about their apparent attempt to enforce a Sharia provision rather than American law?

      Abdul Ameer adds in a later message:

      Call the East Lansing Police Department at (517) 319-6825. Ask them to explain to you exactly which American law was violated by someone having left a burnt Koran on the front doorstep of the East Lansing Islamic Center. Ask for an explanation of why this incident is so important that it is worth $10,000 of the taxpayers’ money and many hours of police time.
      Please use this as an opportunity to help educate the East Lansing Police Department.


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