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Support Israel For sake of Jew, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist.


Support Israel
Both Muslims and leftists accuse Israel of not wanting peace. Truth is always the opposite to what Muslims and leftists say. It is the Hamas
Look forward to see you there.
Ali Sina    www.faithfreedom.org

This anti Israeli coalition is fully aware that Obama is hostile to Israel. This was clear even before he was elected. I wrote about it exactly two years ago.

However, Obama’s days are numbered. His popularity is sinking faster than Titanic. More people are questioning his legitimacy as the POTUS. Polls suggest that 55% of Americans want him to release all his sealed records, And in all likelihood the Democratic Party will be decimated in the coming elections. Therefore, the window of opportunity for the Muslim coalition to launch a war against Israel is only this summer.

The “humanitarian aid” flotilla heading to Gaza from Turkey by “the peace activists” was an attempt to provoke Israel and find an excuse to launch the war. Now they have the excuse. Therefore I am of the opinion that this summer there is going to be a major war in that troubled region.

Some people ask, if Israeli Defense Force knew that this flotilla is a bait, why did they try to stop it? They should have let it go through and not give their enemies the pretext that they so desperately needed. In fact the chant of “Intifada, Intifada,” and “Khaibar, Khaibar,” (Khaibar was where Muhammmad massacred an entire Jewish population) when the flotilla was leaving the port in Turkey was to provote Israel. They carried food but gave the impression to be terrorists.

I read the story of a Muslim who would go to a store acting as if he was shoplifting. His suspicious behaviour would make the security guards to stop and search him. They would find nothing stollen on him, but this would give him the pretext to sue the store for discrimination, harrassemnt, psychological stress, public humiliation, etc. This is what these “peace activists” were trying to achieve. They wanted propaganda and knew that the Lefitist media will trumpet their charade rather than report the truth.
So why did Israel took the bait? Here is the answer:

Israel cannot allow ships to go directly to Gaza for security reasons. Innocent Israeli families are threatened daily with missile attacks launched from Gaza, and Israel must make sure weapons are not being smuggled into Gaza in “humanitarian” cargoes. Israel offered to offload all humanitarian supplies on board this ship and deliver them to Gaza.

These Turkish ships know that the U.N. will deliver any and all humanitarian supplies after first examining shipments to make sure they contain no weapons. Thus it appears they deliberately provoked this incident for propaganda purposes.

Israeli commanders were attacked and beaten by the “humanitarian” workers on this ship who were armed with iron bars and knives. One soldier was thrown off an upper deck and fell thirty feet to the deck below, sustaining significant injuries to his head.

Israeli soldiers repeatedly told each other “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” as they rappelled to the surface of the ship. They fired only as a last resort and in self-defense.
According to the
Weekly Standard, the organization behind this flotilla belongs to the Union of Good, which was created for the specific purpose of transferring tens of millions of dollars a year to Hamas-controlled entities in the Gaza Strip and whose leaders have been designated by our State Department as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Please watch this video to see what happened aboard of that ship. You can see the “peace activists” armed with metal bars beating up Israeli solders and throw one of them off the deck.

To understand the security need of Israel, please see these two videos

The war in the Middle East can end only in two scenarios.
– Muslims bring about a second holocaust to the
Jews and kill all the Israelis.
– Muslims abandon
Islam and accept Israelis as fellow humans with the right to live in peace.
There is no other way to bring peace in the Middle East. All talks of peace are futile. As long as Muslims believe in Islam, they cannot tolerate the Jews reclaiming their land after it was once claimed as
Dar al Islam. They will fight to the end of time until the total destruction of Israel. The hope that one day there will be peace between Israel and her Muslim neighbors is a delusion.

The defeat of Israel is the defeat of all of us. If Israel is allowed to be destroyed, Muslims will be so invigorated that they will start the biggest jihad against all humanity. Millions of Muslims that believe the time for jihad has not come yet will get the confirmation that this is the time.

If you love your freedom, you should stand by Israel. Please join FreedomBulwark and please invite others to do the same. Freedom does not come free. It must be earned.
War mongers spread lies. This is what the new axes of evil composed by Islam, The Left and the Media are doing. We need to fight lies with truth.

There is a new group created in FreedomBulwar in support of Israel. Please join and invite others to join. We are few in numbers but we have the truth on our side. We must spread the truth about what really happened, and what is at stake.

Here is the link to the group.
, Iran, Syria Hezbollah) that want a war, and they want it now. There is no gain for Israel to start a war, but for this coalition there is no better time.Turky and the Muslim coalition that supports it (


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