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Sometimes, it just feel good to daydream…


The biggest mistake the West has ever done after the 9/11 attack along with all other attacks committed by the Muslims in the name of Islam was our failure to recognize who the real enemy is  ?

Terror is not the enemy; It is cult called  Islam.

 It took many years for most of us to realize this fact. Unfortunately, even until now, many are still oblivious of the truth about Islam. But still, let’s assume that during the 9/11 attack, the world knew what Islam really is…

1. History could have been entirely different if we could have done the right steps to defeat the perpetrators of the biggest terrorist act in the USA. Soon after the 9/11 attack, the president of the United States should have waited for the most thorough investigation of the 9/11 attack and should have kept secret all possible options of retaliation against any organizations that committed the terrorist attack. It was the worst mistake of the president to quickly appease to the Muslims in the US in response of a possible backlash against them that the effort was spearheaded with the most infamous lie the whole world has ever heard – “Islam is a religion of peace”.

2. After the investigation, it was too easy to see that the attack had everything to do with Al Qaeda, the Muslim representative of Islamic Jihad. After the fact finding committee declares the truth that the 9/11 was caused by the religious motivation of Islamic Jihad, the whole country should have been united in declaring a law banning the practice of Islam in the USA. There should have been massive effort to show the public burning of the Qur’an and massive deportations of Muslims to their own Islamic countries.

3. All Islamic countries should have been declared enemy of the State particularly Saudi Arabia since almost all of the terrorists were Muslims coming from this one country alone. The most difficult result of this decision could have been the economic devastation of losing our connection to OPEC.

 Massive effort to divert our dependency on foreign oil should have been the emergency response. The drastic move would have ended the usefulness of fossil fuel, hence directly affecting the financial support of the Islamic terrorist organizations.

4. Within less than a month, a universal effort to strengthen our borders should have been established internationally. During this time, our country would have realized that the mastermind is hiding in Afghanistan. His name is Osama Bin Laden. Given the scenario that the Muslim world was protecting him, it is also far too easy for the USA to give a warning to the Muslim world that protecting Osama Bin Laden is equivalent to a declaration of war against the United States of America. Knowing the Muslim world with their prideful spirit of Satan, they would have shouted even louder to us with “Death to America” rhetoric.

5. The next move should have been an ultimatum for the Muslim world, if they say that they are truly against the 9/11 attack, to hand over Bin Laden to us to face judicial proceedings in the USA. I.2 billion strong Muslims should have been able to capture Osama Bin Laden and handed him over to the USA easily. But then again, knowing the prideful evil spirit of Islam, Muslims would have never done this. In fact they would have hidden Osama Bin Laden in their midst, just like they’re doing now.

6. Upon the refusal of the Muslim world to hand over Osama Bin Laden, the USA should have let known the consequences of such action, that the ultimatum now was moved to one month or else Mecca will be destroyed with a nuclear bomb and so will Afghanistan. Ground troops, at this time, are not even necessary anymore making the risk of military casualties irrelevant.

7. After successfully destroying Mecca and Afghanistan killing millions of Muslims in the process, the Qur’an, mosques, and the practice of Islam will be banned forever. Anyone who practices this religion should be labeled a terrorist and should be arrested.

 Sometimes, it’ just  feel  good to daydream…


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