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Question for Muslim, Can any one answer me ? (via Santosh Bhatt’s Blog)

Reblog for Answer from any Moslim ?

Let me ask this question in blunt language. In Islam and in QURAN  it says every time you have sex with Hoorie of  Heavens, She becomes  virgin. Now my question is while act of sex,  when penis is entered in Vagina virginity  is broken, Now  during sex when penis comes out all the way  , does virginity is restored before penis enters again  at that time or after Man’s discharge ? Are Hoories operated or done with FGM  in heaven ? Can any Mullah o … Read More

via Santosh Bhatt’s Blog


3 Responses


    We, the middle easterners, and Indians
    owe an apology to
    fellow humans around the globe!

    we now accept and acknowledge that
    we told you guys lies about
    angels, demons, satans, virgins, devis, devtas,
    virgin birth, resurrection, conversing with god,
    and the rest of the bullshit like
    splitting of moon and red sea, sticks turning into snakes,
    flying monkeys, and the flying white horse,
    etc., etc…

    We, the middle easterners and indians are expert in selling vacuum cleaners to the world.
    we sold the vacuum cleaners of judaism and chrisianity to the world.
    we sold the vacuum cleaner of Islam to the world.
    we sold the vacuum cleaners of Hinduism, Sikhism and Budhism to the world.
    Ever wondered why no Prophet, Imam, , Bhagwan, Guru, massiah, or Son of God
    was ever born in England, Holland, Poland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, or Brazil.
    we specialize in creating and selling the vacuum cleaners in the name of religion.

    “Religion is the biggest vacuum cleaner ever sold
    to the people
    by the people
    to rip-off people.”

    “selling a vacuum cleaner”, is an american proverb. it means whatever story or ideology
    you are trying to sell has no truth in it and your intentions are to rip-off the people.

    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, enemy of none.
    plz. check out how religion destroyed my aunt’s life in my facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/zulfitareen1


  2. Life after Death! ( marney ke baad kiya hoga )…

    Every religion has claimed to know what will happen to us after we die.
    Religions have painted a very a bleak and scary picture of afterlife, and all of which is based on figment of imagination. According to Christianity Jesus will save the believers and the rest will burn in hell. Judaism has the similar punishment and rewards beliefs. Of all the beliefs in religions about afterlife, islam and Hinduism have the most absurd ones. According to Islam if you are a true muslim you will be given 72 virgins with whom you will have sex all the time for eternity. As a Hindu you will go through the process of reincarnation, where you will come back as human if you were a good person or as an animal if you were bad. The religious nonsense has no end. It goes on and on and on…..

    According to science nothing will happen to us. We will be dead. I mean really, really dead. There is no such thing as soul. Our bodies are fueled by electro-chemical energy. The moment we die the electro-chemical energy will be absorbed by the universe, and our bodies will start turning into dust. No part of us will ever come back or feel anything at all. It will make absolutely no difference whether we are burned or buried. We will simply become part of earth. We are in fact the outgrowth of earth.

    My friends, the thought of turning into dust is very sad and depressing, but it is a fact. It is a reality that we can’t change. So accept it, and value this life. This is the only life you have got. This is the only life you will ever get. So enjoy it while you can. Enjoy every moment and every day. Be nice to one another, and do something good to be remembered.

    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, enemy of none.


  3. […]  Even from these sources we can have a faint glimpse of that era and witness the fact that women had more rights before Islam than after it. Question for Muslim, Can any one answer me ? (via Santosh Bhatt’s Blog) […]


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