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Black woman can not be Houri. (via Santosh Bhatt’s Blog)

rebloged with more info.


Houri – The Islamic Sex Slave In Paradise Black woman can not be Houri. It is fun to have sex with Virgin once but if all the time you have TO break virginity while having sex belive me its not fun but lots of pain and misery and crying and sobing. and Black woman can never be Houri. There goes half of human poppulation and race ..Its no fun to have sex with just white Houri. Do non white male gets also white Houri … Read More

via Santosh Bhatt’s Blog

Tabari II:11 “Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and the Greeks; Ham was the father of the Black Africans; and Japheth was the father of the Turks and of Gog and Magog who were cousins of the Turks. Noah prayed that the prophets and apostles would be descended from Shem and kings would be from Japheth. He prayed that the African’s color would change so that their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks.
(Thus Blacks cannot be either prophets, apostles or kings in Islamic Ummah. They instead got black color so that they could be slaves! Can anything be more insulting to blacks?)
Ishaq:243 “I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!’ He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks… ”Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you, his heart is more gross than a donkey’s.”
Ishaq:144 “A rock was put on a slave’s chest.
Bukhari: V9B89N256 “Allah’s Apostle said, ’You should listen to and obey your ruler even if he is a black African slave whose head looks like a raisin.’ Just look at the derogatory remarks for a ‘black’!
Ibn Timiyya (Vol. 32, p. 89) “Slavery is justified because of the war itself; however, it is not permissible to enslave a free Muslim. It is lawful to kill the infidel or to enslave him, and it also makes it lawful to take his offspring into captivity.“
Ibn Timiyya (Vol. 31, p. 380) So Islam not only allows for Muslim to capture slaves in wars, yet the sons and daughters of these slaves are also legal properties of the captor Muslim!
Ibn Hashim: “Prophet’s Biography” (Al-Road Al-Anf’) (Part 4, p. 177) This question was delivered to Mufti Ibn Timiyya. “A man married a maid-slave who bore him a child. Would that child be free or would he be an owned slave?” Ibn Timiyya (Vol. 31, p. 376 – 377) Ibn Timiyya replied: “Her child whom she bore from him would be the property of her master according to all the Imams (heads of the four Islamic schools of law) because the child follows the status of his mother in freedom or slavery. If the child is not of the race of Arabs, then he is definitely an owned slave according to the scholars, but the scholars disputed his status among themselves if he was from the Arabs – whether he must be enslaved or not, because when A’isha (Mohammed’s wife) had a maid-slave who was an Arab, Mohammed told A’isha, `Set this maid free because she is from the children of Ishmael.’
For more references, visit http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/127866 and http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/2067472/posts
Why does Allah hate my color? I am proud to be brown. My friends are proud to be black. To me they are more handsome than rest of the world because I respect them for what they are. Why does Allah want to change our identities when we enter Heaven? Why has he destined ‘blacks’ till Judgment Day? What’s so wrong with being Black?
The real reason is that Arabs were the fairest and hence this dogma of Arab supremacy was bound to exist in Islam.
It was my folly that I did not read it so far and got manipulated.
Thus, the brutal Arabic truth is that:
a. I am a Mawali
b. I was converted to Islam by getting my neck tied with chains
c. Arabs are best among all humans and I belong to an inferior race
d. Final message and messengers of Allah were sent in the foreign language and land and still I had to surrender to Arabs because I was inferior
e. I cant rule Muslims/world because I do not possess ruling genes unlike Arab masters
f. The women belonging to my country/race can be offered to master Arabs but I cannot have women of the master race Arab
g. Allah hates Blacks
So what options I have today? I still feel like a loyal Muslim as Islam runs in my blood today. Its part of my ego now. I have fought many battles for Islam and they define my pride. I killed my own self to take birth as an Islamic Jihadi. Where do I go now?
It would be a disgrace to Allah if I allow to be treated unfairly merely because Allah made me non-Arab. My pride of being Muslim cannot come at cost of insulting the Almighty Allah.
Thus Islam HAS TO change and provide me total equality for sake of my self-dignity and pride, my sacrifices, the blood of my ancestors, the atrocities on my mother and sisters.
Now some may say that whatever verses I have quoted are out of context and mistranslated. In reality they mean something else.
But that’s the whole point. Arabic is a foreign language for me. Arabic is a foreign language for majority of Muslims today. Even Arabic scholars refuse to claim that they understand Quran completely. So this argument is baseless distraction. One cannot merely point at the Chanda Mama (Moon Uncle) to distract a grown up person who is no more a baby.
To decide whether translations are true or false is not something that any non-Arab Muslim can do in this small life. It is impossible even for Arab Muslims. All I know is that these translations have been taken from established texts of Islam published by official sources of all major schools and bodies of Islam.
The proof of cake lies in its eating. So instead of passing the buck on wrong translations or conspiracy of Kafirs or inadeqaute intelligence of Mawalis, all major schools and preachers of Islam have to officially announce the following if they are indeed not fooling non-Arab Muslims:
1. Whenever the next Caliph is appointed in future, whenever Muslim Ummah is strengthened, he would be a non-Arab Muslim. We prefer him to be from Indian subcontinent because it is the largest Muslim group of world. But we do not mind and would instead welcome if he be a native African of ‘black’ color.
2. The next chief Imam of Masjid-al-Haram – the largest mosque of world that surrounds and manages Kaba area – would be a non-Arab. And the team of Imams would have a proportionate representation of all ethnic groups.
Till this happens, they would boycott and condemn Saudi Arabia government and call for ban on Hajj to oppose racism. After all, when EQUALITY – the much touted foundation of Islam – is mocked, rest of the rituals become mere jokes.
(So far not one single Imam in history of Mecca mosque has been non-Arab. Shame on this blatant racial discrimination in a location that is sacred for entire Muslim Ummah.)
3. They would force Saudi Arabia government to change rules regarding marriage of Arab woman to a non-Arab Muslim man. They would force Saudi Arabia government to proactively denounce recial discrimination in marrige as a social evil. And till that happens, they would condemn Saudi Arabia government officially for being anti-Islamic.


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