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A (good) Moslem has to be a Terrorist!

BY; Santosh Bhatt
If we define good Christians, and good Jews as those who follow the teachings of the Gospel and the Bible respectively, then good Moslems are those who follow the teachings of the Quran. Now if the teachings of the Quran call for violence against non-Moslems, then “good” Moslems have no choice but to become terrorists. The following are only few of the Quranic verses that call for violence against non-Moslems. Let’s look at some of these verses: Al Baqara :2(244), Al-Nisa’4(76,77,84,89), Al-Anfal 8(12,39), Al-Tawba 9:(5,14,29), 9(88,112,123), 47(4). All call to fight non-Moslems until all religion is that of Allah, or fight in Allah’s cause (Jihad), or to kill them wherever you find them until they pay Gezya submissively, which is a specially designed humiliating tax used only against non-Moslems. These verses are also augmented by many similar instructions in the Hadiths like: In Bukhari V4B53N386: “We are ordered to fight you until you submit to Islam or pay Gezya with submission”, or in Muslim, C9B1N31: “I have been commanded to fight people until they say no God but Allah, and Mohammad his only messenger”. The 1982 Mecca Islamic summit Conference confirmed the above when they declared that Jihad is a duty of every Moslem where ever they are.
Most Moslem apologists do not quote the above verses, but rather use few verses that were “inspired” much earlier like Al-Baqara (2:256), Al-Kahf (18:29) and Al-Kafirun (109:6), which call for tolerance of other religions. The fact remains though, that these verses were “inspired” much earlier when the Moslems were weak and they were abrogated by the above verses that call for violence, as many Islamic prominent scholars can confirm, like Al- Suyuti and Al-Qurtubi. This should explain the declarations of many of al-Qaeda leaders like Abu Misab al-Zarqawi in Iraq who confirmed that “we are only obeying the Quranic verses that demand the practice of violence against non-Moslems”, and that verses for violence have abrogated all verses that call for tolerance. This attitude explains all those unprovoked attacks against non-Moslems all over the world or even against Moslems that oppose violence. It should further explain the burning of churches in many countries in the world. Most non speaking Arabic Moslems are not told the truth about violence; actually they are deceived in many instances when it comes to translation of the Quran, especially when the Quran contradicts simple science, history and general logic. One example is when you look up in Al-Azhar (the highest Moslem authority on earth) website the Quranic Arabic verse 23:14, then look at the English translation right under it, to find out that the “many creators” stated in the original Arabic verse is translated to the “one unique creator”, as it would be very embarrassing to tell the truth!
Does this mean that all Moslems are terrorists? Of course not as most of them abhor and condemn publicly all perpetrated violence against non-Moslems, but with their entire adherence to the daily prayers notwithstanding, they are not considered good Moslems, because they are not practicing all the obvious instructions of the Quran. Strangely they do not support the removal of these verses that call for violence, because they would not dare to venture into changing the “words of God”. What could be done?
All Moslems that oppose violence even if it was emphasized repeatedly in the Quran have the immediate and urgent duty to demand from all Islamic authorities, especially from all future international Islamic conferences to espouse firmly a resolution that abrogate in effect all Quranic verses that call for violence and consider them as needed contingencies of the past and no longer valid for the present. It takes a lot of courage to do that since the Islamic authority have the means to discredit , fight and even demand death for anyone that call for such a change.

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